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So where are you planning to take a dive in this weekend?
Go, venture out to all your favorite places and make the most of your life, traveling!

1. Sardinia, Italy

Rejuvenate yourself and all your senses with a beautiful and amazing dive in the clear and exotic waters of Sardinia, Italy. Located off Italy’s west coast, Sardinia is a lovely Mediterranean island that helps tourists enjoy water along with experiencing history while you view ancient structures. The captivating and breathtakingly awesome island has always remained away from commercial tourism that has made it the jewel of the Mediterranean.

2. Bodrum, Turkey

A perfect tourist destination and a weekend getaway for the swimmers and divers across the world, Bodrum in Turkey could be your next awesome weekend destinations to pay a visit to. Turkey has always been known for its rich history and the port city of Bodrum has a special advantage. This astounding water body with crystal clear waters has witnessed many divers and swimmers in it so far and people who swim here often claim the clarity of water is such that boats seem to be suspended in the air!

3. Playa Banca, Colombia

Playa Banca, a name with the literal meaning white beach, is a remote, secluded body of water that can offer you the world’s clearest waters to swim in and take a dip! This beautiful beach is located 45 minutes away from Cartagena (boat ride). Although the boat ride is a tedious and crowded one for tourists, the beach makes it all worth it, literally! The amazing beach with blue waters and white sand is a pleasure to walk by or even take a dip. The beach experience is further enhanced by vendors walking across the shores selling fresh ceviche, a must-try delicacy.

4. Rio Azul, Argentina

Rio Azul, in literal terms, means ‘Blue River’. And could you find a better place to spend a weekend with your loved ones and have a great time? This jaw-dropping beautiful place in Argentina offers tourists the world’s clearest, safest and best quality pure water! In fact, the water here is so pure that it is also safe for drinking! The entire river gets its fresh and pure water from glaciers and the snowfields of the Andes. The charming blue color further adds to the beauty and gorgeousness of the river and makes it a must visit destination for all those who love swimming in clear waters!

Getting away to a let out destination that offers peace of mind, beauty & food to the soul is the new cool in the market and tourists now look for secluded & unusual picnic spots. The Cayos Cochinos, a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea in Honduras is one of the most popular destinations for travel freaks worldwide. The water body, with the clearest of waters all over the world, contains hiking trails instead of roads. This can surely make your trip to this amazing island adventurous memorable for a lifetime.

5. Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

6. Isla Holbox, Mexico

Mexico has always been one of the most popular holidaying and picnicking destinations for Hollywood stars. The city has its own beauty and a lot to offer to tourists including the clearest of waters. The Isla Holbox is a breathtakingly awesome weekend getaway for all the swimmers and divers across the country for its shallow waters, empty, large and never-ending sea expanse, cool wind and more. What else could a tourist want? Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, the sea is also a well-known destination for kite-boarding.

Now here is something too interesting for the curious tourists to pay a visit to at least once in life. The gorgeous Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the most ancient lakes in the USA is also known as “Old Man of the Lake” as a full-sized tree which is now merely a stump stands out in the middle of the lake for more than 100 years. The isolated, beautiful and clear water lake was formed when the volcano named Mount Mazama collapsed around thousands of years ago. Isn’t that interesting and truly amazing to discover?

7. Crater Lake, Oregon

8. Peyto Lake, Canada

If you ever get a chance to visit the beautiful place of Canada, you surely should not miss on the amazingly gorgeous Peyto Lake. Although the lake does not offer the warmth and the feel of a beach, it is one of the coolest and the most awesome destinations for all those who love swimming and taking a dip in the water for a refreshing day from everyday routine. The glacier-fed water body is a best visit in the month of summer when glacier rock flours flow through the waters thus giving it a beautiful turquoise color.

Who hasn’t heard or dreamt about experiencing the beauty of the amazing beaches of the Maldives? Maldives is one of the topmost tourist and honeymoon destinations around the world, known for its clear beaches and the most diverse and colorful ecosystems. The Maldives is surely a treat to the eyes and its beautiful beaches with the breathtaking blue colored water is surely what makes Maldives a popular destination for tourists and couples for romancing and spending a quality time. Considering the ever increasing number of tourists that visit Maldives every year, the number of resorts in the vicinity has been increasingly over the last few years.

9. The Maldives

For all the swimming lovers in the world, the Linapacan island in the province of Palawan, Philippines is surely a must visit to experience the joy and solace of the place. This island is one of the cleanest and the most scenic beaches across the world that merely has over 14000 inhabitants. The beautiful island is made up of crystal clear water and white sand which complements its beauty.

10. Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines


that is beautiful and mind blowing? We all want to spend a special time with ourselves and the ones we are close with and capture and retain the moments with us for a lifetime. So, if you are planning to take a dip in beautiful waters this weekend and enjoy the solace and calmness of the river, lake or sea, here you go with some of the most amazing and breathtaking alternatives.

here is no greater happiness in the world as spending quality time alone or with family and loved ones. And as the weekend draws closer, we all look for alternatives to spending a beautiful day that refreshes the mind and the soul. And what can be better than taking a dip in a lake, river or sea that offers you the clearest water 

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10 Best Destinations With 
The Clearest Waters For Swimming Lovers